Getting around Krung Kavee

The biggest roadway within the project is 20 meters wide with the entranceway of 12 meters wide, which is wider than general roadways in the city. Ramps for disabled person, children and elderly are also installed for accessibility. Roadways have been organized to allow better traffic flow with walkways available for residents to rest and relax throughout the property.

Security system

Krung Kavee is situated on an island surrounded by water with security in mind; this makes it difficult for outsiders to have access to the property. Despite its enormous size, over 1,000 rai, Krung Kavee only has two entrances. This enables ease of monitoring for those entering and leaving the residential areas. Together with the 24 Hour Security Guard Service, the project is installed with over 100 CCTV throughout the property.

Underground power cables

Krung Kavee has been constructed with underground power cables (3 phases); these underground power lines carry a transmission capacity of 50amps to each unit allowing residents to fully utilize appliances and electronics with a smaller electricity bill, and do so without cluttering the surrounding environment.

Landline telephone and high speed internet

Landline telephone and high speed internet are available through TOT Public Company Limited; both are installed for every home. A fiber optic system has also been installed to further facilitate any future development of a more advanced communication system.

Shared common areas

Krung Kavee has prepared shared common areas that include a swimming pool with a shower and locker room, and a mini bar is provided for the residents' convenience.

Sheet Piles

Dams made of sheet piles are constructed on the property to ensure that the land surrounded by water will not erode over time. Each high-quality pre-stressed concrete sheet pile is 6-8 meters in length and 15 centimeters thick.

Water irrigation system for flood prevention

Even though Krung Kavee is situated on higher ground with a slim possibility of flooding, this issue is still of great importance. In addition to building a dam to protect the property, Krung Kavee has installed an irrigation system that will ensure that the water level within the property remains at the appropriate level.


Roadways have been well-organized to allow better traffic flow, particularly the one that lead to each home. There will be a canal separating the land from the main road, in order to create a better sense of security and peacefulness.