About the project


For over a decade, Krung Kavee has been nurturing 1,000 rai into a beautiful area, and aimed to merge and create the perfect combination between modern conveniences and a natural environment. Because we believe that a pleasant society starts with a pleasant environment.

Situated right next to a stunning golf course, Ban Krung Kavee has been created to provide a perfect lifestyle with the beauty and peace of the surrounding environment to accommodate every member of the family. Every little detail in the project including the construction process has been well-designed and cared for by professionals.

Distinctive points of the project:

Krung Kavee Krung Kavee Krung Kavee

Excellent location for an easy commute

The landmark location of the project is within 20 minutes drive of Don Muang Airport (approximately 20 kilometers) or just 10 minutes drive from Rang-sit intersection. In addition, it is situated near the intersection of main roads, Bangna-Ramintra-Bang Pa-In, which, by car, would take approximately 40 minutes to reach Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

The surrounding areas provide connectivity with many educational institutions, government offices, hospitals, shopping malls and entertainment complexes.

Situated next to a beautiful golf course

Situated next to a beautiful golf course Krung Kavee is proud to be the first property that specializes in water landscaping. Along with utilizing various kinds of plants, the project consists of beautiful lakes and canals that combines to approximately 15 kilometers long which creates a sentiment of a peaceful environment and brings you the feeling of being truly close to nature. This offers a very unique environment that would be difficult to find in the city zone.

High security system, using innovative project planning to help minimize the risks

Being surrounded by canals together with a well-designed road system, the project guarantees to deliver the best security system for every resident.

Perfectly designed house plans

The housing designs are all done by professional and exceptionally experienced architects, making for a very distinctive project.

Good public facilities and after-sales services

With the sport club, clubhouse and restaurants that can provide food delivery to all residents, the project offers a very high level of convenience. The after-sales services allow residents to call for mechanics and technicians to assist with any housing problems at all hours.

Eco-friendly house

The project is dedicated to delivering an open-space concept rather than to gather a high number of unit sales. This allows residents to have a greater amount of space to relax and feels less crowding between the living spaces. The front yard of every unit has been designed to connect to a water area such as canal or lake, and the back facing the gardens. The surrounding environment provides ample circulation for residents to rest and unwind without the need to turn on any air-conditioning.

Krung Kavee is surrounded by nature

Mature trees provide shade throughout the property delivering an environment that is 1-2 degrees Celcius lower than the areas outside the project. This reduction in temperature can cut the electricity bill by up to 10%.

Beautiful scenery

Impressive views may be seen from every unit - the stunning golf course, the picturesque lake, swimming pool or traditional Thai pavilion.


Each home has been carefully constructed with the best materials available and exceptional craftsmanship. Every detail is completed to the highest standards from start to finish making Krung Kavee the best in the business.

Our property is constructed on solid rock with 126 foundation piles and thick double walls of white brick. The outer layer is sprayed with polyurethane foam to help protect the home significantly against excessive heat.

Every detail from the electrical to water systems are well designed and installed; such as the electrical conduit, electrical wire way system, PVC conduit pipe and a reinforced underground water tank to prevent any problem from occurring in the future.

Grade-A structural strength premium windows are installed with aluminum siding to handle the harsh outside environment, while teak frames inside the home provide a touch of beauty for the residents to enjoy.

These highlight the importance that Krung Kavee has to offer, "A premium quality home nestled in a serene environment".

Krung Kavee construction