Water Landscape

Our 15 kilometres of waterways and landscapes provide golfers a visual symphony of botanical gardens, offering shade in warm weather for a peaceful and relaxing environment to enjoy a full day of golf. Exotic birds find sanctuary in the surrounding trees and the diverse plantlife and fish offer an additional dynamic of activity and color to our ponds and lakes. We prioritize continuously maintaining and improving our grounds using biodynamic methods to encourage beneficial plant life, soil development and natural pest control to establish a self-sufficient eco-system without the use of chemicals and other toxins. This attention to sustainability creates a natural permaculture that is ecologically sound.

Linear Park

For those who live in our community, space has been reserved outside the perimeter of the golf course to ensure their enjoyment and add to their peace and privacy. This natural perimeter serves as buffer from the unnecessary stress and nuisance from the outside world. These measures provide our golfers a recreation area and dynamic ecological experience from our botanical gardens.