Each home has been carefully constructed with the best materials available and exceptional craftsmanship. Every detail is completed to the highest standards from start to finish making Krung Kavee the best in the business.

Our property is constructed on solid rock with 126 foundation piles and thick double walls of white brick. The outer layer is sprayed with polyurethane foam to help protect the home significantly against excessive heat.

Every detail from the electrical to water systems are well designed and installed; such as the electrical conduit, electrical wire way system, PVC conduit pipe and a reinforced underground water tank to prevent any problem from occurring in the future.

Grade-A structural strength premium windows are installed with aluminum siding to handle the harsh outside environment, while teak frames inside the home provide a touch of beauty for the residents to enjoy.

These highlight the importance that Krung Kavee has to offer, "A premium quality home nestled in a serene environment".

The construction of Ban Krung Kavee
Construction 1: foundation pile, groundwork, beam, 1st floor
Construction 2: pillar, beam, 2nd floor, roof structure

Construction 3: swimming pool

Architecture: floor, wall, roof
Furniture: Build-in
House Sanitation